Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Testing, testing

I've been incredibly slack about getting around to writing all the posts I want to. Even though I've spent the last four months sitting on the sofa. After some consideration I reached the conclusion that this was perhaps due to the fact that every time I want to put a post together I have to drag out the laptop, find the camera and the cable, edit photos, load to flickr and write the post. So this evening I downloaded a couple of apps that should, at least in theory, mean I can do all this from my iPhone. I understand that I will even be able to draft posts on the tube, so there should be no excuse now.

City Boy is out this evening, so with our resident fish-phobic catered for elsewhere, the cats and I could have haddock for dinner. Mine in the form of fresh, spicy kedgeree, made with tomatoes picked from the garden ten minutes earlier.

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