Friday, 6 May 2011

Missing all the Fun?

I’ve been reading about how much everyone enjoyed the Royal Wedding. The stunning dresses, the moving ceremony, the incredible community spirit. I’m afraid to say that City Boy and I were not imbued with this sense of community spirit and national pride, and instead fled the country. We decided to get out of London for the week immediately preceding the wedding, thus escaping all the mayhem, and hopped on a ferry over to France.
It was just what I needed after working since January. Pain au chocolat and cafe au lait sitting outside on a pavement every morning, baguettes and brie on a picnic blanket in the sun for lunch and delicious bistro meals with plenty of wine every evening. But it wasn’t just about eating – honest! We stayed in the Loire valley for four days, and visited fairytale chateaux, wandered through local markets and cycled down the Loire river through the beautiful countryside.

We then stopped over in Burgundy for one night, staying on a working vineyard by a canal and tasting their delicious wine, before heading up to Champagne via Chablis (my favourite. The wine I mean, although the place is nice too). Yes, we did indeed partake of the regional drink whilst staying in Champagne– would have been rude not to!

We brought approximately seventy-six various bottles home with us from the various vineyards we visited and tastings we did throughout the week, and I’m now struggling with where to put them in the Littlest House. The wine rack is full and the rest are currently sitting on top of the dishwasher and in boxes under the kitchen table.  I think the simplest solution is probably to get drinking.

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