Friday, 24 June 2011

At least I have hot water

I’m not supposed to be writing this. I’m supposed to be knee deep in mud in Somerset, pint of cider in hand with unwashed hair. Instead I’m lying on my back contemplating a weekend by myself.
I was all set to go to Glastonbury festival, but it was decided that it perhaps wouldn’t best for the recovery of my back injury to spend four days wading through mud and sleeping in a tent, so I sent City Boy off with his friends and a selection of baked goods on Wednesday night.
I’m feeling a little sorry for myself and – I’m not going to pretend I’m at all gracious – I hope it rains all weekend and their tents get flooded.
I’m also feeling a little tired. City Boy thought 3.30am this morning was an ideal opportunity to fill me in on the day’s events, and the kittens thought that me swearing at the phone meant it was morning, and I should get up to feed them. In fairness to them, I do use my phone as an alarm clock, so normally when I curse at it it’s because I have to get out of bed.
They alternated sitting on my head with leaping on my toes for an hour, after which they obviously passed out from hunger, having gone four hours without being fed. Two hours later, at 6.30am, an odd noise woke me...

The little bugger had climbed up onto the dresser and was pushing coins off one at a time onto the wooden floor. There was no hope for any more sleep so today I’m surviving on coffee and the promise of a lie in tomorrow.
I’ve finished the horrible work related thing that I’ve been avoiding the last few weeks, so I’m hoping to get some time to finish up a lot of the fun projects that are in various stages of completion.  Having said that, there are changes afoot and I even had an interview at another company on Wednesday. I cannot put down in words how much I loathe interviews. It’s been four years since I last had to do one, so I’m treating Wednesday’s as a practice and vowing to answer their stupid questions with a straight face next time.
“Can you describe, without moving any part of your body, a particular swimming stroke so that we can tell which you’re describing?”  

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  1. Naughty cats! My cat is the same...meowing at all times in the morning and padding me.


    Gemma x