Friday, 1 July 2011

A birthday at the Littlest House

Disclaimer: This post is unashamedly and entirely about my cat. If you’re not interested in cats then you’ll probably want to go and read something else. Google ‘mother-in-law email’ if you haven’t already read it – it’s hilarious.
Our little Mia Cat turned one on the 21st June – I’d marked it on the calendar. I didn’t think she’d insist on celebrating, but City Boy, without any prompting by me, bought a fish cake* for her on his way back from work. What a big softy – I have no hope of having unspoiled children with this man.
*A cake made of fish that is, not a cake that looks like a fish. It even had parsley sauce, but she didn’t seem overly concerned by the green bits.

She’s kept us amused this last year, this funny, naughty little goblin cat who loves to play under dripping water, who occasionally and arbitrarily refuses to eat unless she’s hand fed the food from her bowl and who demonstrates her love for us by leaving earthworms on our pillow.

She chirps when she jumps like a squeaky toy and she sings to the pigeons. She purrs ecstatically when she’s allowed her to tangle her face and paws in my hair and growls when strangers knock on the door.

She steals toys from children and would watch videos of birds on youtube all day if permitted.

She’s never once bitten or scratched a person, even in play, and is so gentle and kind that even the vet has remarked on her sweet disposition. Yet, upon spying any strange cat she turns into a spitting, hissing devil-cat and has chased tom cats twice her size out of the garden.

Happy belated birthday little Mia Cat. I’m pretty sure that your one birthday wish would be to get rid of the annoying stripy cat who persists in hanging around, and I’m sorry we couldn’t do anything about that for you. You’re pretty much stuck with him I’m afraid.

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