Thursday, 6 October 2011

An Autumn Evening

Brrrrr, it's cold outside tonight. I just walked home from the station in the dusk, hurrying because I didn't think to take a coat after all the unseasonal warmth we've been having. On Sunday I was swimming in the sea, and this evening I've lit the first fire of the season.

Mia Cat is most perturbed by this development. Last winter, when she was a baby cat she managed to singe her whiskers. She clearly remembers because she shot out the room when I put the fire on. She's back now, but sitting next to me eyeing the fire with suspicion.

The other cat has just wandered in and barely glanced at the fire. Hopefully he doesn't need to learn the same lesson that Mia did last winter. I'm tucked up with my slippers on and my knitting, feeling very autumnul. I'm hoping to cast off on this tonight, but that may be a little ambitious.

Dinner's in the oven - falafels from mixture made earlier and defrosted today - to be devoured in pittas with yoghurt and salad. Roll on autumn - I'm ready now.

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