Friday, 7 October 2011

Baby Alpaca for Baby

I can't get over how cute this is. It makes me want to squeel, and I'm not really a squeeling kind of girl.

I made a baby hat!

Although when I showed it to City Boy I took great delight in telling him it was for our baby, just for the fun of making his blood run cold, it is in fact for the baby of a friend, who's due to make an appearance any time now. She doesn't know what she's having, so I picked green, thinking it was unisex. It actually looks more boyish, so I'll have to make another one if a girl pops out. That's fine, I'm itching to make a few more anyway, but City Boy tells me that's weird. I think he's just concerned I might get broody.

I should have included something in the photos for reference to show how teeny it is. 80 stitches cast on to 3.25mm needles in fingering weight baby alpaca. Knitted in one evening. I had to phone my mum to check babies' heads really are that small. I'm reliably informed that they are, a fact for which I'm told I may be grateful for one day. Hmmm, they're not that small.

I'm wondering whether it needs a pompom or if that would be too much cute?

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