Monday, 9 January 2012

12 resolutions for 2012

These are perhaps somewhat belated for new year's resolutions, but in my working life I set goals against which to measure my success, so why not my personal life as well? There's things I want to achieve that could all too easily slip to the bottom of the to-do list, so I think it will be quite a good motivator to give myself appraisals, perhaps on a quarterly basis.

1. Remember to wear perfume more often. I own lots of lovely perfume that I mostly forget about.

2.Try keeping a sketch book. I have so many ideas floating around on scraps of paper, jotted in my diary or never committed to paper. It would be interesting to see how keeping a sketch book affects the way I sew and knit. Besides, it's a great excuse to order stationery.

3. Get fit again. I'm really hoping to be able to run 5km this summer, which may sound easy enough but I'm currently not allowed to run at all. I'm up to walking on an incline and cross training, so have made a start.

4. Decide what on earth to do about my career. It boils down to two options: progress where I am or move on elsewhere. I need to decide which I want this year and commit to it one way or the other, otherwise I'll spend another year standing still career-wise.

5. Make curtains for the living room. It's been a year and a half now, sort it out woman.

6. An extension to the above, take the time to make some nice soft furnishings for our house. Everyone else in the extended family has lovely homemade cushions, table runners and quilts; in 2012 I'm going to be a little bit selfish with my sewing time.

7. Take the time to properly sew a well-finished item of clothing. Although I often dash off a quick top or unlined dress I so rarely spend the time on a more time consuming item which will last. The last thing I can remember was a fully lined tea dress in 2010. I have some lovely wool that's been patiently waiting to be a coat for several years, and 2012 may finally be it's year.

8. Pick a surface/drawer/shelf/area/box to clear of clutter and sort every week/fortnight/month. I'm leaving the frequency of this activity blank as I don't to fail if I miss a week, but once a month won't get anywhere near clearing out all the clutter we've accumulated. As long as I get some of the junk out the house I'll be happy.

9. This one will be a little hard to tick off, but I'd like to spend my (somewhat sparse) free time more deliberately this year. I don't watch much television, but I've increasingly found that if I'm not careful I can come home from work and sit down for 'just a minute', and before I know it I've watched an hour of rubbish tv. I'd like to spend those lost hours more thoughtfully - I'm not opposed to watching trashy tv on occasion, but when I do I'd like it to be a conscious decision to sit down and indulge, rather than just a time suck.

10. Be better at keeping in touch with people. Phone my grandmother, book dinners with friends, reply to text messages immediately.

11. Remember all family birthdays. At age [late twenties] it is inexcusable that my mother still feels the need to ring me to check I put a card in the post to family members. This year I will be able to tell her it's already been sent.

12. Bake some passable macaroons. I was put off the whole idea by abject failure when I tried last year, but would like to try again.

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