Thursday, 2 February 2012

Keeping London's Babies Warm

It's been a cold journey to and from work this week. I'm ready for spring now please. I've been skipping breakfast at home and having a bowl of hot porridge at my desk when I get into the office. It's nice to have something to look forward to during that godawful tube journey.

I've been doing some paper piecing recently, which a nice sofa activity, but slow going, so I don't have much to show for my crafting time at the moment. I've stopped knitting a cardi with one sleeve to go. Why do I have such a problem getting myself to finish things when it just needs a final push? No doubt a psychiatrist would be able to tell me what that says about me.

I did finish an itty, bitty baby jumper for my friend's brand new baby. I'm not counting this as a 2012 FO though as I only sewed the buttons on in January; all the knitting was completed before Christmas. I think that would be cheating a little bit.

I met the baby last weekend when he was 2 weeks old. He was very cute with his tiny little finger nails but, to be perfectly honest, a little uninteresting. After ten minutes cuddling he'd hardly moved and my arm was aching. I know babies aren't there to entertain me of course, but I think I prefer them when they're a little bit bigger. I'll have to visit again soon for more cuddles.

Anyway, the pattern was found on the purl bee website, and I would definitely make it again - it's straightforward, easy garter stitch and results in a sweet little cardi for a baby boy or girl. I  used cygnet 4ply wool rich, as I thought the last thing the mother of a newborn needs is having to hand wash presents but it's still quite soft and woolly, plus inexpensive. The buttons are left over from my Catkin. It's so sweet and small that I wanted to keep it, but City Boy said that would be weird. He wasn't persuaded that it would look good on a cat.

Baby will need to grow into it a little bit, but that seems to happen incredibly fast anyway. It will probably fit in the Summer when no one needs woolly cardis and then he'll have grown out of it by the Winter. Knitting baby things is so much fun - they're tiny so you can have a whole cardi in just a few evenings, and so very sweet. Plus you don't have to spend the knitting time worrying that the recipient won't like it. I definitely need to persuade my friends to make some more babies for me to knit for.

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  1. Very cute! And I prefer the colours you used to the ones on the purl bee website - generally softer and nicer for a little baby!