Friday, 10 February 2012

Sunshine on a Snowy Day

I had my fingers crossed for a snow day when I went to bed last night - i wouldn't have minded an excuse to spend the day working at home in front of the fire. Unfortunately SouthWest trains have managed to get their act together for once and the trains seem to be (mostly) as scheduled.

Never mind, it's the weekend shortly! I've got a list of boring things to do, but I'm really hoping I can race through them and make myself something from the new Collette book. Isn't it boring when you work all week and then the weekend gets sucked up by chores? I'm determined not to let that happen this week, even if the gym something doesn't get done.

I've got projects on the go all over the place but this week I needed a quick fix. I wanted to feel I'd accomplished something. Two squares of fabric, an invisible zip and we have a sunny yellow cushion to brighten up this corner by the fire.

This is part of one of my 2012 goals - to take the time to sew for our home and not just other people's. This one didn't take much time, but I'm also in the middle of a quilted cushion cover for a large cushion we have on the sofa, twenty-two inches squared. The top's quilted now so I just need to put it all together - hopefully this weekend.

City Boy and I finally managed to compromise on some curtain fabric for the living room. Took a while but that's my fault for involving him. I should have just put up my choice - he'd have told me that he didn't like them and then not given it another thought. I would describe City Boy's tastes in interior decor as traditional if I'm feeling kind, boring if I'm not. So I'm not overly excited by the prospect of these curtains, but I'm informed by City Boy that a compromise is where both parties walk away equally unhappy.

We still have to pick out a rug - that's hours of fun right there.

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  1. Wow that's a familiar thought around here too! My boyfriend has really shit taste sometimes (there's really no other way of putting it!) so I have to work really hard to convince him... even if that involves making collages or boring him stiff with ideas of colour schemes...!