Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Weekend De-brief

·    This space has been a little neglected over the last few weeks, unfortunately life got in the way and I’ve had very little time to do anything that I’d even be interested in writing about, let alone that other people would be interested in reading.

·    I’m feeling similarly neglected. City Boy was off having fun without me all weekend (mostly sport related fun).

·    On Saturday morning, I strolled to the farmers market, came home and pottered in the garden, made a lunch of organic rocket, smoked mackerel and roasted beetroot which I ate at the garden table whilst reading the Guardian and had to laugh at myself. I think this must be what moving to the genteel suburbs of South-West London does to you.

·    I spent the afternoon playing with the pasta maker. I made goat’s cheese and lemon ravioli. I spent hours kneading, rolling, cutting, filling and cooking to make a nice dinner for my boyfriend whom I had hardly seen for days. He ate it all and promptly fell asleep on the sofa.
·        I also made tagliatelle

·    On Sunday my lovely dad came up with his big car and we went to pick up my new toy, which deserves a post in itself.

·    I found time for a little bit of sewing with my (not so) helpful assistant.

·    We’re heading off for the week in between the bank holidays, so this week is shaping up to be as incredibly busy as the last few have been. I’m currently very much in need of a holiday.

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