Saturday, 17 September 2011

An Autumn Morning

It's a wonderful sunny early Autumn morning here in London town. And it's the weekend! I'm up before everyone else, enjoying a cup of tea and a bit of knitting whilst reading the paper -multitasking! Of course I've got helpers with the paper reading and knitting.

And I have beautiful yellow roses brought home for me by city boy last night to start the weekend.

The blue thing on the needles in the photo above is something new, which is a source of shame seeing as the rust coloured cardi just needs an inch worth's of ribbing on one sleeve. Disgraceful.

I don't know why I can't quite bring myself to just get it done - it will only take an hour or so to finish and weave in the ends. I WILL do it this weekend. I have so many projects in the final stages that just need a bit of time - a quilt that just needs binding, a scarf that just needs the ends weaving in, a glove that needs a pair. My eye keeps getting turned by all the lovely patterns out there and feeling that I want them all to wear before the weather turns cold!

This weekend we're mostly pottering at home, although we may pop to a concert this afternoon. Tomorrow we're doing dog walking duties for friend, so there'll be a brisk autumnul walk across the common with a pub lunch. Fingers crossed that this weather stays!

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