Thursday, 1 September 2011

Giving Up

I've given in. A little earlier than usual this year. I'm wearing tights to work today. It's no use pretending, the weather is rubbish. I've decided to stop hanging on to the feeble rays of hope that Summer might finally come to London and instead call it done and embrace Autumn.

To this end I've put a quilt on the bed and have started the annual stock check of coats and hats. I'm knitting something very orange.

I had a little cry at work yesterday. I'm meant to be easing myself back into the world of work after my operation, testing it out in the shallows. Instead I've been thrown in the deep end. I was feeling tired after thirteen hour days, infuriated after dealing with someone being deliberately obtuse and I shed a few tears of frustration, which just made me feel cross with myself as well as every other person I came across yesterday afternoon. This morning I put on an extra bright and cheerful skirt and grabbed a large coffee on my way in, both of which make me feel more equipped to face today.

I seem to be craving bright colours at the moment, perhaps a direct reflection of the dreary weather. I'm normally all about flattering black.

I'm most definitely looking forward to this week being over. Even though it's been a short one with the bank holiday it's feeling like it's lasted a month already. I think it's always worse going back to work following a lovely weekend - this one included a visit to an otter sanctuary.

I tried to persuade City Boy that this little one could live in our bath, but to no avail.


  1. Mmm crying at work is a difficult one isn't it? When it's out of sheer frustration, you only end up more annoyed, this time with yourself... it's a no win unfortunately! The weekend is near though, hang in there! And let's face it, today's the warmest day we've had in ages in London!!

  2. Oh dear! Work can be such a pain at times. I'm hunting again for a job with a great lack of enthusiasm! Who wants to work hey? Hope whatever the operation was that it went okay. Your colleagues should be more sensitive! But don't worry about crying at work -we all do at the best of times! xxx