Wednesday, 2 February 2011

And people worry about teenagers running up the phone bill

Mia's by far the cleverest of our cats. She required but one demonstration of the cat flap whereas Sergeant Stripe spent weeks watching his sister disappear through the magic portal in amazement then miaowing at us to open the door for him.

I'd thought perhaps she felt satisfied with her acheivements for the week after an incident 2 days ago that resulted in a glass vase, previously safely tucked onto the very highest shelf, strewn in pieces across the living room floor. However, this morning it became clear that I have been wildly underestimating her feline abilities.

Over the sound of my hairdryer I heard my phone making the text message recieved tone. It was from a friend to say I had called her by mistake and she would see me soon. Sure enough, upon checking the call log there was an outgoing call to said friend at 7.53am. Easy enough mistake to make.

Except I was in the shower at 7.53am.

I've racking my brains today to figure out how this could have occurred. My iphone locks itself automatically after 30 seconds and requires a pin to use. City Boy had already left the house at some ungodly hour, so through the process of elimination I can only conclude that it was one of my housemates without opposable thumbs.

Ruling out Sergeant Stupid, this means that not only does Mia have the dexterity to negotiate an iPhone screen but the capacity to memorise my pin number. I can only imagine that she's trying to get through to the RSPCA to report us for cruelty. We wouldn't let her have the lobster last night.

Some privacy please?

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