Thursday, 10 February 2011

Flea Market Finds and Furry Delinquents

A couple of weekends ago City Boy and I headed West to visit a flea Market. We had a few things in mind that we wanted to pick up for the house. Of course we didn't find any of those items, but I did pick up a few bits and pieces. City Boy complained about adding to the clutter - I just can't get him to understand that a pretty mint green vintage cake stand is a kitchen essential.

Into the shopping bag went teacups, saucers, table linens and 2 sparkly antique crystal candle holders.

Yes, there's only one in the photo. That would be because, after surviving for decades outside the Littlest House, one half of the pair lastest for precisely 3 days with the furry demolition crew we have living here.

I do my utmost to keep breakable things out of their way (clearly the mantel piece is no place for crystal candlesticks and I've since learned the error of my ways), but they keep coming up with new and imaginative ways to wreak havoc. This morning I came into the kitchen to find all the tips of the aloe vera plant bitten off and strewn across the windowsill.

Yesterday I found Sergeant Stripe playing with a little bead in the hall. Wondering where he had found it I discovered evidence of the crime in the bedroom: a necklace ripped to pieces, beads rolling under the bed and dresser.

They take their job seriously; even when the cat flap's open and there's the great outdoors to explore and play in they'd rather stay in and continue their campaign of destruction. As I type Mia is methodically scooping all the earth out of a potted plant. I think they have targets to meet.

Tooth marks in the plant? me?

City Boy says I should give up on bringing pretty things into the Littlest House. I say there's clearly a market for vases made out of toughened glass.

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