Monday, 14 February 2011

Weekend De-Brief

Mia Cat has a new game. She brings fat, wriggly worms in from the garden and strategically deposits them where I'm most likely to nearly step on them and scream. Sergeant Stripe hasn't quite understood the game and brings me twigs instead. Good boy.

Saturday night my friend hosted a lovely dinner party. roasted peppers and halloumi, seafood paella and sticky toffee pudding. Lovely.

She also required us to play an after dinner game based on bush tucker trials. Chilli worms and green Thai grasshoppers. Not so lovely.

I wanted to make pretty valentines cookies to give to my girlfriends at the dinner party. My attempt at royal icing was an unmitigated disaster.

Yesterday, feeling a little worse for wear after a glass of wine too many the night before, we decided to spend the dreary rainy afternoon in the cinema. We saw the fighter - not my choice but good nonetheless.

Today I'm working at home and intended to try and bring some semblance of order to the Littlest House. As of 4 o'clock this hasn't happened. Instead I started a new quilt, choosing to ignore the fact I already have a half finished one that I intended for our bed this winter.

I have, however, managed to get myself to the supermarket, in preparation for the 3 course valentine's meal that I promised City Boy this evening.
I thought I'd keep it relatively simple, now that I'm restricted for time having spent all morning sewing, so on the menu is prawn bisque with poppy seed rolls, seafood and sundried tomato linguine with Parmesan crisps and individual banoffee pies (City Boy's favourite). He'd better pick up some flowers on the way home.

I've even dug out some little love heart candles that a friend gave me a while ago to set the theme.
I'd guess I'd better get on with it, I suppose I should at least brush my hair before dinner.

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