Monday, 7 March 2011

Weekend De-brief

Friday night I was feeling a bit achy and wanted to snuggle with a hot water bottle. However, I couldn’t find a cover for it. So while City Boy and I watched The Departed (very good), I knitted one.

 I made up a very simple pattern using bulky wool, with a ribbon threaded through yarnovers to take it off and on to wash and an opening at the top to allow easy refilling. I didn’t want anything fussy with the stripes already going on. I’m pretty pleased with it – I’m thinking about making a few more for little Christmas gifts. Perhaps with matching chunky socks.

Saturday morning I popped to the farmer’s market for a few bits and pieces. I now find myself with an enormous bag of pak choi. No idea what we’re going to be eating this week, but it will involve pak choi.

I also picked up a pot of little Tête à Têtes. So spring-like! I repotted them in this new-to-me vintage planter that I picked up for a few pounds on ebay recently. They make me very happy, it’s like a little piece of spring in my living room window. Although I have to sweep up compost daily after the cats have completed their morning routine of destruction.

 On Saturday afternoon City Boy went off to watch football and I stayed home to make a mess in the kitchen. I baked Rosemary and sea salt pretzels, which were so popular with City Boy that I didn’t even manage to take a photo. I’ll be making those again shortly.

I also managed to get into the back garden to tidy up a little in preparation for spring. It’s nice to see that a few of last year’s plants have survived both the snow and the cats. We moved into the Littlest House in June last year, so after a few weeks of unpacking and a flurry of repainting, when our attention finally tuned to the garden it was a little late in the season to get much done beyond tidying up. This year I intend to get started in time to get some herbs and tomatoes in the ground at least.

Saturday night we went out for dinner and cocktails in Soho with some friends we haven’t seen since before Christmas. Lovely company, mediocre food, fantastic martini.

Sunday was so lovely and spring-like that we went for a bike ride round Richmond Park. Lots of deer around, the birds were singing, the sun was out and the daffodils are starting to make an appearance. I would probably even say it was worth the pain I currently feel in my backside.

Back in time for homemade mushroom soup for lunch, a nap to recover and later an evening in front of trashy tv.

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